Trash, Cash, And Eco-fashion

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Nowadays, people are more becoming Earth conscious and health conscious. We are now aware of what is happening in our environment, the Earth situation as a whole. As financial difficulties were experienced by many, people begun to search ways on how they can help alleviate themselves from the hands of poverty, and one way is garbage picking. According to statistics, there are about 15 million people worldwide who earn their living by collecting and sorting through trash in order to find materials that can be recycled, resold, and re-used. Some waste pickers are actually hired by local government units and businesses to sort through trash to find recyclables. In countries like Colombia and other Latin American country, waste pickers became a legal trade. In Latin America, waste pickers are well organized than in Asia, they are using a community website where they can easily communicate with each other. Unlike in Asia, waste pickers works independently.

More and more people during economic hard times are looking for ways on how to be productive in their selected profession and it's good to know that people are now aware of the growing concerns on our planet Earth's tragic situation. We are instructed now by our government to help in eliminating global warming in our community, and one way is thru recycling our waste and decommissioned materials. This global situation encourages individuals and companies to work hand-in-hand in helping the government to fulfill its goal of saving planet Earth from global warming phenomenon. From this global situation, good entrepreneurs arise ready for the challenge armed with their creativity, skills, and hope for a better future and better income for their families. Apparently Entrepreneurs easily tapped the world of fashion as they find ways how to use recyclable materials easily available in our surroundings elsewhere like recycled candy wrappers, recycled papers and magazines, recycled juice pouches, decommissioned tires, rice sacks, and other recyclable materials. When it comes to popular brand name in handmade handbags fashion made of recyclable materials, Nahui Ollin is the trusted brand, as well as the upcoming brand Naveh Milo. These were very in-demand among fashioned housewives, students, and middle class and upper class fashionistas. Wearing fashionable clothes, bags and accessories today is no longer just for the wealthy, you can have your own design and have it made by a good company, that's why it became popular among the masses. Good, quality companies are now investing more on fashioned handmade bags, candy wrapper handbags, purses and other ladies accessories. Though those are waste materials, local skilled artisans from Mexico, Indonesia and Philippines were proud that they could make a living making use of recyclable materials instead of letting those trashes pollute the water and air.

That's it, now that you know how productive you may become by using those trash but recyclable materials into something useful and fashionable products like handmade handbags and purses and other ladies accessories, why don't you join the bandwagon full of eco-fashionistas around the globe? Trust me, it's not only good for your wallet, it's also good for the environment, and it helps you show your good personality inside and out!
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Trash, Cash, And Eco-fashion

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This article was published on 2010/11/06