Titanium And Tungsten Alloys Selected National New Material Product Catalogue

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News authorities revealed that "work letter department is drafted strategic emerging industry Miocene material industry catalog." Relevant industry association has will collect the new material catalogue report work letter department, work letter department is final into strategic new industry of new material classes and varieties. To understand that only the non-ferrous metal industry is reported 100 new material breed, including titanium material and tungsten deeply-processed products (hard alloy) has been determined in national new material directory.

As one of the seven strategic new industry of new material product range was widely attention and relevant documents to this aspect describe more general, the workers believe department is drafting the new material product catalog is further specified to this file.

Informed sources, the workers believe department with new material classification is not yet complete, new materials can be divided into basic materials, development of information industry functional materials, nuclear energy and new energy development of indemnificatory materials and state key engineering materials such as the forerunner of four categories. With the previously the personage inside course of study to guess the slightly different,zinc oxide, some basic metal materials appeared in reports directory list.

As for countries will adopt what policy support new material industry development,zinc oxide price, Beijing non-ferrous metal research institute, said an expert with some important material breed support funds will directly from the "1025" during the country's 16 major r&d projects. For instance, to the nuclear materials,zinc oxide msds, nuclear power development support from special funds for research and development.

Fyi, expected strategic plan for the new emerging industry material part will be mainly focused on industry of middle and lower reaches of the support, and workers believe department is drafted the rare metal special planning "form cohesion, the rare metal special planning" will mainly aimed at the mining and smelting.

In addition, the previous industry circulated focuses on ten kinds of rare metal varieties and storage of policy, authorities said, up to now, only for rare earth NDRC aspects and storage done special investigation,zinc oxide powder, because within the industry and has not yet reached hugely divided opinion, the unity of the rare earth storage short-term difficult to take place. For other rare metal storage plan, the NDRC has done any form investigation, and also temporarily unplanned.
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Titanium And Tungsten Alloys Selected National New Material Product Catalogue

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Titanium And Tungsten Alloys Selected National New Material Product Catalogue

This article was published on 2010/11/30