Modern Conveyor Belts

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Conveyor belts are used in industrial applications, in warehousing, farms and anywhere there needs to me movement of raw materials. Conveyor belts of today are far more advanced than when they first came around in the 17th century. From that time right up until today they have become an invaluable piece of machinery for transporting different materials in a variety of industries. In the beginning they were mainly used for moving grain but they soon became popular for moving bulkier materials.

Back in those early days they were made using the materials they had at the time, such as wood, leather, rubber and canvas. It wasnt until the early 1900 when things started to really evolve. Factories everywhere were using powered roller or belt conveyors to move heavy and large goods. Making factories workers jobs far more comfortable and enabling them to work more efficient. Modern synthetic material when the war made it impossible to get hold of rubber or canvas.

Today you can get conveyors made out of many different materials depending on what it needs to convey. You can get bespoke conveyor belts made from fabric, cotton, rubber, plastic, leather and metal. Conveyors for food preparation and handling are built using hygienic materials. They are also designed in such a way that are easy to clean, and resist to the build up of product on both the belt and conveyor frame. They are all driven by a power-operated roll which is mounted underneath the conveyor

New conveyors are versatile, they have an adaptable design combines both straight running and radial applications. You can engineer the incline and decline configurations to suite particular requirements you might have. All will have either a fixed or variable speed drive options as standard. They can come in single or multi lane designs and all have a quick release belt system so you can gain access to clean. All modern conveyors are designed to last with minimal maintenance costs. To position your conveyer you can have either lockable casters or adjustable feet.

To get hold of a conveyor belts today is easier than ever. You can easily search for one on the internet. The top conveyor manufactures will be listed on the front page. You can get troughed belt conveyors, flat bed, plastic, modular, overhead and even vibratory conveyors. The best way to find out what machines is best its required application is to speak to the experts. It will be an investment in your business so you need to make sure you get one that suites your needs now and those in your future.
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Modern Conveyor Belts

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This article was published on 2011/01/14